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Trim 'n Mount

Game Rules has been changed with Trim ’n Mount!

Conventional teeth production is a labor intensive production. If we summarize the process; it starts with material mixing and pressing. After pressing; the teeth should be separated from excess material by breaking. Then It should be polished to be cleaned from flash. during polishing all the teeth are mixed. Experienced labors should sort it by eye to mount on plates. With trim ’n mount all this process is easy and practical. After pressing you load the biscuit (teeth with excess material) to the system..

System automatically cleans the crust around the teeth by trimming. Then robotic system mounts the teeth at the fastest level. In conventional process; the teeth can be mounted after 36 hours from pressing. In trim ’n mount process teeth can be mounted after minutes.

Trim ’n Mount!

  • No polishing!
  • No sorting!
  • No mounting!

Just Trim 'n Robot Mounts!

Mount teeth at the fastest level

  • No need for waiting image processing.
  • 3 times faster than competitors.

Arma Patented Trimming System

  • Cleans the crust perfectly.
  • Industry change technology.
  • Perfectly prepared trimming tools.

Arma printing system

  • Elegant view with laser technology.
  • No need for cliche change.

Adaptive working with Arma Waxing System

  • Special cartridge system feeds waxed plates to the system automatically.
  • Conditioning the wax for mounting.


Pressed teeth is put to defined position.

Easy To Program

Easy to position robot with reference points.

User Friendly Machine

Easy to work with recipes.

Globally available spare parts

When you need to change/maintenance a part of system; you can find easily spare parts in the market.

Quick Change - SMED

Change from one model to another below 10 min.

Safety Frame

With covered frame, the working area is convenient to instructions of working safety.

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