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Press 'n Produce

Specialized Pressing Machines For Teeth Manufacturing

Arma Force Distribution

With equal our force distribution technology, we are sure about homogenous material flow to tooth cavities.
Equal our force distribution provides better polymerization, longer mould life, and eliminates defected tooth.

Arma Clamp Technology

PLC controlled damping and decompression feature helps gas release from the mould and eliminates porosity.

Arma Heat & Cool Technology

With our heating technology, every point on the mould has desired temperature. Besides, our cooling technology provides fast & homogeneous cooling down. Therefore polymerization is being completed perfectly.

Compact Design

Electrical and hydraulic unit is inside the frame.

Eco friendly design.
Low noise.
Small space needed.


There are different options for Press 'n Produce. 10-8-6 mould capacity are available


All temperature, pressure and clamping force controlled by PLC. Heating controlled by PID.

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