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Premium Teeth Mould

Target Premium Teeth Market with Your Unique Design


Shorten your product launch with the best mould ever!

10 Years Life No Hand Finishing Easy to Take Out Teeth

Monoblock Steel

We are machining moulds from mono-block steel. Heat treated patented steel provides long life.

Mould Layout

Circular, rectangle, square mould shapes are available.


Each mould has its a pin positions. Operator can not close wrong mould parts.

Heat Transfer

Mono-block moulds have better heat transfer than old a / cast moulds. This helps quicker and homogenous polymerization.

Everyday Same Precision

Thanks to our climatized production environment, we are able to mill the moulds at same precision for years.

If a part is damaged or should be renewed after years; it is possible to make without renewing other parts of the mould.

Arma Surface Technology

With our optimized surface technology; you clean excess material easily.

With optimized grooving area, material flows perfectly inside to cavities. No missing tooth during production.

With optimized grooving area and perfect force distribution, you get very thin crust. < 0,08 mm

Huge Production Capacity

We are the biggest teeth mould supplier arount the world.

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You will find yourself working in a true partnership that results in an incredible experience, and an end product that is the best.

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